Belted Acres Beef Cost

Our animals are always handled with care and are pasture raised natural grassfed beef cattle. No hormones or antibiotics have been used with this herd. 


Grass-feeding takes a longer time to get cattle large enough to slaughter, and there is not as much meat on grass-fed beef and it costs more.

When available our current *price for our Grass-fed Beltie Beef is: 

 (*check if available and prices subject to change)

$3.50 per lb hanging weight on a 1/4,

$3.25 per lb hanging weight  on a 1/2 and

$3.00 per lb hanging weight  on a whole.


The processing is approximately $0.50-$1.00/lbs but can be more depending on how you have your meat processed.

The locker weighs the carcass this is the hanging weight then they start processing packaging. You should ask for a print out of the hanging weight, how you and the locker decided to process your beef and how many packages of each cut you received as well as the cost of the processing.

If you are unable to pick up all of your meat at once, you may be charged for freezer storage. Or if your meat is to be delivered or shipped, be sure to ask how much extra the service will cost.

Factor in hanging time Dry Aging, this is up to you 7-14 days.


Belted Acres will take the price of beef when you made your deposit (our agreed upon price) times the hanging weight and add the processing, this is what you will pay.  The price does include delivery.

Example Steer of 800lbs live weight might have a carcass of 488lbs or 61% of live weight. You might say you are buying the steer for about $1500 then paying for processing in Example 1 below.

Example 1:   488 lbs (hanging wt.) x $3.00lb=$1464.00 plus processing 488 lbs x $.70=$341.60

Total $1805.00

Example 2:   244 lbs (hanging wt.) x $3.25lb=$793.00 plus processing 244 lbs x $.70=$170.80

Total $963.80

Example 3:   122 lbs (hanging wt.) x $3.50lb=$427.00 plus processing 122 lbs x $.70=$85.40

Total $512.40

Non-Refundable Deposit
$150.00 per quarter
$300.00 per half
$500.00 for whole

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