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For Sale Belted Acres Resistance $1000

-Corral friendly 

-Halter broke and still currently in daily training

-Not aggressive just loves his sweet feed time        

-Unregistered Purebred Beltie from excellent lines

-Watch video above to track progress from time to time see if Resistance is a fit for your farm, he has come a long way from the first part of video above

Belted Galloway Cattle Southeast Iowa

Welcome to the sales site of Belted Galloway cattle. Located in Southeastern Iowa near the town of Keosuqua. We are still developing the herd raising purebred Belties both registered and commercial. We specialize in the Black and White Belted Galloway cattle. Our animals are always handled with care and are pasture raised natural grassfed beef cattle. No hormones or antibiotics have been used with this herd.


There are many reasons to discover why to raise Belties, docility, gentleness, calving ease, foraging abilities, feed conversion efficiency, life longevity, cold hardiness, high fertility, naturally polled, excellent beef qualities but it has been said "preventing the Belted Galloway from disappearing from the World’s cattle population is the common ground" of Beltie breeders.


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